Our mission is to educate children about the vibrant world which awaits them outside of their own traditions and to foster a curiosity of various cultures.

It has been our observation that in some cases the vast quantity of information that is available to us today via the Internet hurts rather than helps our human race to find the empathy needed to handle certain realities of our planet. Our desire is to show how different communities live first-hand and to cultivate a natural openness in children to other customs.

We believe that it is of utmost importance that youth are taught that cultural differentiation is something to be fascinated about and to embrace.

For adults, we wish to kindle the sense of wonder that can be gained in traveling the world and seeing its many treasures.

About Us

Sara Mihálik currently lives in the gorgeous city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Sarah Suchá lives in San Francisco in the United States. They love traveling, architecture, getting to know other cultures… and rabbits, of course!